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In keeping with the Macedonian tradition of the unexpected, Ohrid’s status as a hugely popular tourist resort means that although it should be full of restaurants churning out poor quality food at exorbitant prices the town actually produces lots of wonderful and affordable cuisine. Try Ohrid trout fresh from the lake and finish with a slice of Ohrid cake, an artery-clogging essential we thoroughly recommend. On the down side, don’t be surprised if service is slow and sloppy. The town’s waiters (and they nearly are all men) don’t mean any harm when they stare at you sitting there with an empty beer glass. It’s always much easy and certainly less stressful to simply ask for something when you need it.




Advertised in Albanian-run restaurants as qofte and in Macedonian-run ones as kebap, these fabulous minced beef sausages flavoured with various herbs and spices according to the restaurant in question are essential eating for all non-vegetarians. Cooked over hot coals and best served with white bread and a cheese-laden salad in our humble opinion, to order simply point and hold up as many fingers as you want kebap.




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