Who is Roger Ballen?

Wednesday Nov 14 20:00–03:30    
The renowned photographer is coming to Plovdiv for the opening of his retrospective exhibition Roger Ballen. Archetypes and for a special artist lecture about photography and what is beyond it, the art that lasts and the stages through which his work passes over the years. Free admission with pre-registration:
“Who is Roger Ballen?” night continues at 10:30 pm with a 5-hour conceptual event inspired by zef culture, Die Antwoord and their guru Roger Ballen. Electroclash, cold wave, dark wave, dark electro and French rave, a dose of Die Antwoord and matching of sound and picture - uncompromising beats and voices in sync with photos and videos by Roger Ballen.

Hosted by Sklad - Tobacco City, ul. Ekzarh Yosif 16.


Nov 14 2018 20:00–03:30
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