After a hot and dry, once-in-a-lifetime summer that began in early May and only ended in mid-September, we can honestly say, without a hint of sarcasm, that we’ve had our fill of sunshine and are now looking forward to a new season of brisk autumn walks in Riga’s parks and gardens. But strolls in the fresh fall air won’t be our only source of optimism in the coming months when temperatures drop and the days turn dark all too fast. We began our countdown to the 100th anniversary of Latvia’s independence at the end of last year with 100 fun facts about Latvia for each of its 100 years as a sovereign nation. The final 16 facts are spread throughout this special issue, where you’ll also find loads of information about centennial events, concerts and celebrations. Naturally, you’ll also find a wealth of other events as well as independent reviews about restaurants, bars and essential sights. However, if you have the time, the best way to honour Latvia on its 100th anniversary would be to explore its charming countryside to get a true picture of this ancient land. Discover pristine nature trails on a hike in Ķemeri, medieval as well as tsarist architecture in Liepāja, past glory at the Viking settlement of Grobiņa or many other towns that embellish Latvia’s rolling hills and meandering coastline. And don't forget to download our free In Your Pocket City Essentials app to help you on your way.

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