One by one, summer terraces begin to disappear. The air becomes brisk and fallen leaves crunch underfoot. The rains arrive like an unwanted guest and the days grow shorter. Yes, these typical heralds of autumn are often nothing to laugh about, but on the bright side, the city’s cultural life is reinvigorated giving Riga a much needed shot of adrenaline when it’s most needed. Students, both foreign and domestic, return to their classrooms (and favourite pubs) and local citizens who abandoned the city for beaches and country homes in the summer more often than not stay in the capital to experience classical music concerts, plays and opera performances during the autumn months. Some incredible art exhibitions will also be filling Riga’s galleries and museums including an unprecedented display of ancient Chinese art. Finally, Dynamo Riga hockey games will fill seats at Arena Riga, so there’s plenty to do in the Latvian capital this autumn with Riga In Your Pocket.

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