Like most nationalities Latvians like to complain about the weather, but unlike other people who live in more southern climes, they’re grumbling is usually justified. This year is no exception, but instead of the typical griping about rain, wind and the general lack of sunshine, locals lamented the heat wave that gripped the nation. Considering the extreme lack of vitamin D that usually afflicts the inhabitants of these Baltic shores, we’re inclined to tell them to quit their whining, because the autumn chill could be right around the corner. If by some miracle it’s still hot in Riga when you drop by then skip the stuffy museums and head straight for the closest beach. If, however, this has all been wishful thinking then see all the best sights, shops and cafés in our feature: Riga in 48 hours. For hundreds of other activities, events and other tips keep reading Riga In Your Pocket.

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