By Baltic standards, spring was a season like no other. High temperatures and abundant sunshine caught Latvians, who are accustomed to rain and chilly days in the spring, by surprise. Traffic jams choked the main highway to Riga’s most popular beach and local shops did a brisk business on portable fans as Latvian homes are ill-equipped for a sweltering summer. After the past two or three dismal, wet Junes, this Baltic nation finally got its due with a boundless summer full of bright, balmy days and late night open-air parties when the sun finally sets after 22:00. Although the beginning of July has been cool and rainy, things finally seem to be heating up once again, so walk or ride to a nearby beach, hop on a tram to the leafy neighbourhood of Mežaparks or take the train to Jūrmala, Riga’s seaside resort. The more daring can even explore what is perhaps the nation’s best beach in Liepāja. If, however, the summer is unimaginable without a cold beer, then take a look at our craft brew crawl. Culture enthusiasts, on the other hand, can experience the massive Song & Dance Festival as well as hundreds of other events, which can be found in our What's On chapter. Many are free, so don’t just settle for a tour of the old town. Experience a boundless Latvian summer with Riga In Your Pocket and don't forget to download our free In Your Pocket City Essentials app.

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