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Riga In Your Pocket bus trip to Tallinn with Ecolines

Looking for cheap flights in Europe? Need to know how much a tram or trolleybus costs? Want to know what time a bus leaves for Tallinn or where to catch an overnight train to St. Petersburg? Read on.

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You can park your car safely in one of many guarded parking lots or autostāvvietas. Prices vary depending on the location.

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Public transport

Riga has nine tram lines, 19 trolleybus routes and 53 bus routes that operate from as early as 05:00 to as late as 01:00, depending on the route. You can buy €1.15 tickets at designated Riga Transport (Rīgas Satiksme) ticket offices, at public transport ticket machines or at Narvesen newsstands, post offices and Rimi supermarkets. You can also buy a ticket from the driver (on old trams) but it will cost you €2. New trams offer ticket machines on board. Passengers have a wide variety of ticket options including tickets for one (€1.15), two (€2.30), four (€4.60), five (€5.75), 10 (€10.90) and 20 (€20.70) rides or tickets good for one (€5), three (€10) or five (€15) days of travel.
The tickets are valid for trams, trolleybuses and city buses. Press the ticket against the electronic ticket readers on the bus or tram as soon as you board the vehicle. The green light will flash and the display will show you how many more rides are left on the card (e.g. Atlikums: 9).

You can also take a mikroautbuss or mikriņš, passenger vans that list their destinations and route numbers on their windscreens. They are a scourge to urban transit as they’ll basically stop anywhere along their routes to pick up or drop off passengers causing delays and traffic jams. Pay the driver the fare, which varies depending on the route.
In the summer a so-called retro tram is also available on Saturdays and Sundays. The open-air tram supposedly looks like the first trams that began zipping up and down Riga's streets over a hundred years ago. Pay the driver €2 (kids under 7 free) to travel from the Ausekļa iela stop to Mežaparks.
Read more about routes and exact departure times in English on the Riga Transport Authority’s website www.rigassatiksme.lv.


All licenced cabs have special yellow number plates. Insist on the meter being turned on. For shorter journeys around the centre of town try not to pay more than €6. To avoid being swindled order a taxi by phone or use the cabs at the Radisson BLU Hotel Latvija or the Albert Hotel.

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