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Views, views, views… you’ll probably think we’re at least partially obsessed. Ok, we are, we admit it – but you’ll thank us for it when you get there. And now for our announcement of the BEST VIEW and BEST WALK – well, it has to be from the top of that green mammoth Mount Učka. Fancy seeing the peaks of the Italian Alps and a brown blob in the shape of Venice? Not only will you be thrilled, excited, dazzled, nonplussed, probably exhausted - possibly even dead – but you will also have lungs full of the second healthiest air on the entire continent (according to the Austro-Hungarians). Part and parcel of a healthful cure at Opatija was walks in the lush green forests which extend all the way up to the highest peak, Vojak (1401m), with a medieval viewpoint at the top. There are many paths, varying in difficulty, starting from all the resorts on the Opatija Riviera, passing by various items of historical or natural wonder, as well as mountain biking trails, opportunities for climbers and places to eat. Call into the tourist information office in your resort, or check out the website of the Mount Učka Nature Park: www.pp-ucka.hr.


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Scuba diving

Whether you’re interested in diving to shipwrecks, caves or underwater rock faces, Croatia is a great destination for diving. And thanks to modern diving equipment and techniques, children as young as 10 years old can dive quite safely, as can disabled divers. Just be sure before every dive to check the rules for safe diving in that location, to avoid putting your life – or anyone else’s – in danger. And of course, before you begin, you’ll have taken your certificate so you know exactly what you’re doing!



Yup, you’re right! From the centre of Rijeka you can’t see too many sparkling beaches. So where do the locals go for a dip? In the city itself there are about 20 beaches which are located to the east and west with two of them even carrying the Blue Flag title - the newly arranged award winning Ploče beach ranked as the best urban local beach in Croatia and the other is Kostanj beach. These beaches vary in sizes and configuration with additional facilities, hospitality and children’s playgrounds.
The grand eastern neighbourhood of Pećine has clean, rocky beaches and historic villas. Further east, in Kostrena, try the lovely Žurkovo cove. To the west of the city, the beaches spread from Kantrida across Bivio to Preluk which is perfect for windsurfers and has a great view of Opatija. Public transport will get you to all beaches and if you’re lucky enough to have a car, there is free parking in most places nearby. Bus No.1 rides towards the east to Pećine and to Bivio to the west. Bus No. 32 rides to Preluk. The Rijeka Tourist Board has brochure with maps of all beaches and their surrounding amenities which can be picked up at their offices or simply download it from the web.


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