Getting around

Getting around


Skopje’s compact centre makes few demands on its public transport system. If you need to travel a fair distance, taxis are in abundance, and, if you chose the right one, cheap. Getting around the country is also not too difficult.


We’ve travelled in literally hundreds of taxis in Skopje and have never once had a problem, although taxis being taxis (or rather taxi drivers being taxi drivers) this doesn’t mean that riding in a cab in the Macedonian capital is always a pleasure. There are plenty of stories out there about rip-offs, and for sure they do exist, especially when it comes to the ones waiting outside the bus station and (to a much lesser extent these days) at the airport. If ever in doubt, negotiate a sensible price beforehand or make sure the meter is running before you set off. The starting rate for all taxis in Skopje is 50 den, which is valid for the first two kilometres. After that you pay an additional 20 den per kilometre, day and night. Waiting is charged at 300 den per hour.

Public transport

Skopje relies on a network of buses that until not long ago were extremely old and equally easy to use. This is no longer the case. The local authorities recently ‘modernised’ the city’s public transport system to the point that it’s now almost impossible to use, the two biggest changes being the introduction of 200 red double-decker buses imported from China and the necessity to own a credit card-sized piece of plastic that seems to be the only form of payment on them. The cards can be bought and re-charged at the airport as well as at several other locations around Skopje including the one listed below.

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