Adult entertainment


Skopje’s adult entertainment scene is about as discrete as it gets. Although some strip clubs (which also function as brothels) exist, finding them is an impossible task without a bit of help from the locals. Prostitution is legal albeit with a raft of restrictions, making finding paid sex in the city difficult to say the least. Again, the locals can be very useful for finding out more, with taxi drivers being the best sources of knowledge for those looking for wicked and saucy adventures. There are an estimated 3,500 working girls in the country, a great many of them coming from Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo, willingly or otherwise. Macedonia is a major transit point for trafficking women to the West. A few streetwalkers can often be found close to the old train station and along the main road running past the Bit Pazar, although it’s worth mentioning that the vast majority of these women are from the local Roma community and aren’t exactly beauties. Prices with these women are negotiable and can be as little as 1,000den, although you’d be better off having a few beers and watching some porn in your hotel room. As one would expect, the more classy the hooker the more you have to pay.

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