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Danny Wade - Split Beach Festival Archives

During the summer months the nightlife in Split is not only rich and vibrant on the weekends but throughout the week as well. It must be said that due to the countless open-air concerts, festivals, bars and restaurants, spending time with friends and hanging out in the city is done mostly outdoors. A night out typically begins with a drink on the Riva — the main seaside promenade in front of the old town — or at one of the many popular wine bars which have opened up in recent years.

A popular meeting and drinking place for the younger boisterous crowd is at Matejuška — a stone pier jutting out into the sea located less than half way from the old palace walls to the city marina. The night moves on from here and people begin to gravitate towards the many bars tucked inside the walls of the old Roman palace among the tiny labyrinthine streets. Truth be told, the majority of the bars are often very small; with
space inside at a premium, crowds prefer to gather in front of the bars themselves. Accommodating bar owners often place benches or cushions outside for people to sit on.
This phenomenon is most prevalent along the narrow streets of Get, located less than 100
meters from the seaside promenade, where bars are stacked one next to another up a zigzagging staircase. With people sitting and mingling on the stairs, the flow of people — though not unpleasantly — slows to a crawl. This is the ideal place to truly experience the laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere that’s typical of Split and its people. If, after all this you’re still in the mood for exploring, the early morning hours is when the nightclubs located outside the palace walls come to life.

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