Moskovsky District was founded in 1919 and was incorporated into St. Petersburg’s city boundaries in 1965. The northern part of Moskovsky District is home to Moskovskie Vorota (Moscow Gates) and the southern part is particularly important to the city’s – and indeed entire region’s – residents because that’s where Moskovsky Prospekt leads to St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo International Airport. This is also why the district is sometimes called the southern gateway of the city. A very important date in the history of Moskovsky District was July 7, 1946. On this day, the Moskovsky Victory Park was officially opened; the name was given in honor of the Soviet victory in World War II. Nowadays, the park is a major leisure and recreation area not only for residents of Moskovsky District but residents of other St. Petersburg neighborhoods. To get to the park simply get out at the Park Pobedy metro station.

A couple of years ago, the district’s main road – Moskovsky Prospekt – underwent extensive renovations and is now even more modern, green, spacious, walkable and liveable! Moskovskaya Square now boasts a breath-taking fountain complex made up of 11 fountains that blast water some 12-14 meters towards the skies, accompanied by music and a yellow-blue-red light show. There are plenty of dining and shopping options in one of the several malls that can be found in this district.
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