The Admiralty began life as a shipyard, and the past is reflected in the city's street names, such as the Big and Small Sea Streets. This area barely lost its imperial feel because 90% of the housing here was built before 1917 and so very few homes built during the Stalinist area can be found. Culturally speaking, this district is probably the most buzzing one after City Center 1 because this is where you’ll find the world famous Mariinsky Theater, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Yusupov Palace, the trendy culture and leisure park New Holland Island, as well as the Grand Choral Synagogue, the third largest synagogue in all of Europe.

You can stroll endlessly along the district’s many canals, pop in to one of the arts and history museums or delight your tastebuds in one of the cafés, bars or restaurants located on or just off the splendid Konnogvardeysky Boulevard.

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