Stretchin' out in Szczecin!


Get those limbs nice and warmed up, there's plenty to see here!  But first, let's warm up our tongues and try tackling the name: Szczecin (SHCHE-chin). A few of its neighbours still refer to this far-western Polish city as 'Stettin' which is a lot easier to pronounce, but we all love the challenge! Being only 14km from the German border, it should be no surprise that Szczecin has a German history, a point that is accentuated in the city's architecture and a handful of the remaining placenames. While the history and the relevant sightseeing of the centre is certainly a draw card for visitors, don't forget that the city's riverside location makes it a blast for outdoor activities, hiking and summer nightlife

Where is Szczecin and how to get there?
Why Stettin became Szczecin - History of the City
Szczecin: German Bunkers and Old Town Sightseeing
Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Szczecin
What is Szczecin famous for?

The Sail Szczecn Festival that draws maritime enthusiasts from all over Europe!
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