Saska Kępa

Set on Warsaw’s right bank, Saska Kępa is one of Warsaw’s coolest districts and a great example of how the status of an area can change. Up until not so long ago, despite its plethora of well-established foreign embassies, Saska was generally considered a ‘no go’ part of the city. Boy, how things have changed over the past two decades! Now returning to the glow of its pre-war, pre-communist glamour, Saska is one of the most desirable districts of Warsaw; with property prices staunchly holding their ground in these recession hit times, the neighbourhood has become home to the nouveaux riche, the intelligentsia and much of the capital’s arts community. Now living in the shadow of the National Stadium, the sporting complex has actually played a major role in bringing sports fans, arena rock fans and other new visitors to the area. With its host of trendy bars, cafes, restaurants and mix of boutique and old-school shops, Saska Kępa is is as close as Warsaw gets to some of the ‘Little Village’ areas of London or Paris. As such it’s a great place to just wander around, people watch or marvel at the hotch-potch of architectural styles - including majestic 19th century manor houses, some superb examples of 1920s and ‘30s modernism, Cold War tower blocks and brand new ultra-modern developments.

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