The Turkmens: The Art of Everyday Life

The Turkmens consist of a broadly defined ethno-linguistic group of Turkic (not to be confused with Turkish) people, who live primarily in Turkmenistan, northern Afghanistan, Iran, and eastern Turkey. Legend has it that this broad group of peoples originate from one common ancestor, known as Oguza, who gave rise to several branches of Turkmen groups. Traditionally, the Turkmens led and continue to lead nomadic or semi-nomadic lives either focused on animal herding or somehow otherwise dependent on their surrounding natural resources. Their simple, traditional, nomadic heritage has imbued a characteristic material culture, mostly represented by meticulously produced sheep-wool carpets, predominantly purple-shaded silk garments donned with intricate embroidery, as well as chunky signature red-coloured carnelian jewellery (a semi-precious stone symbolising vitality, fertility, and happiness). You can see all this and much more at the exhibition.



Open 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Oct 3 2017 - Mar 4 2018
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