Świebodzki Bazaar

Jan 1 - Jan 6 2024       ul. Robotnicza 2
If you want a real cultural adventure that you'll remember for a long, long time, head to the no-man's-land behind the defunct <strong>Świebodzki train station</strong> on a Sunday afternoon and check out this unbelievable open-air bazaar sprawling endlessly west over the train tracks. A truly mind-blowing scene, the size and scope of this market is almost hard to comprehend given its location; from the main entrance near Plac Orląt Lwowskich it unfolds through an endless maze of blue and white striped tents, before devolving into acres of rubbish laid out on dirty blankets over the train tracks or the muddy, barren earth. Here you can buy literally anything under the sun at prices about 50% lower than those you might expect to find anywhere so audacious as to have a floor or a roof. Some of it is perfectly legit, of course, some of it quite dodgy, and most of it complete rubbish; amateur photographers and cultural anthropologists will have a field day here. Get here while you can, since the days of this phenomenon are numbered, with the Polish State Railways planning to resume train service to the station in the near future (probably as early as 2017, though there have been a few false alarms in the past couple years).



Every Sunday 08:00–14:00 Jan 1 2023 - Jan 6 2024
Świebodzki Bazaar
ul. Robotnicza 2
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