Fiddler On The Roof

Thursday Apr 25 19:00–22:30       Taikos 70

Musical in 2 acts. 
Director: Jan Szurmiej (Poland)
Conductor: Stasys Domarkas

The opening of The Fiddler on the Roof occurred on September of the 1964. One of the most striking and innovative musical theatre play was born with a very strong load of humanistic ideas, which speaks to all and is understood by the audience all around the world, no matter what race or what nationality. 
Lyrical, humorous but in the same way tragically, the play’s success by a big part was because of the mastery of J. Robbins, who reached the total unity of director and choreography. This play to its coauthors won not only many prestige’s awards but also brought a worldwide glory. 
Fiddler on the Roof surpassed all the records of the success by getting a fantastic number of staging in Broadway: in nine years it was shown 3242 times! After the premiere it was staged in 32 countries and its characters spoke in 16 languages. 
One of the biggest advantages of the play is its libretto. The author managed to create an unusual poetry and specific humor atmosphere. The story of Sholom Aleichem is told in a playful and rich way, the unique philosophy of the characters of the musical is shown in a subtle way. In the musical the small town of Jews is designed colorfuly. 
The music of the play is full of passion, unheard temperament, extremely spiritual. Here the listener can recognize the stylized Jew folklore, the elements of Old Russian romances, and next to it you can hear the sounds of typical modern theme with usual rhythmic, melody and harmony.
Many of the musical numbers became generally recognized hits. First of which is sounding in the very beginning in the prologue Tradition, Tevye song If I Were A Rich Man and Tevye’s wife’s Golde and the choir song Sunrise, Sunset and others.



Apr 25 2019 19:00–22:30
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