Muzika ir tapyba / Music and Painting Artist. Simas Žaltauskas

May 13 - Jun 30 2019       Šaulių 36
Event venue: Klaipėda Concert Hall, Ist floor. The exhibition of painter Simas Žaltauskas is exhibited in the lobby.

Simas Žaltauskas, a painter and lecturer at Klaipėda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts, participated in the International Festival of Cello in Klaipėda where he painted 2 x 2 m pictures while listening to the music.
The works created during this painting session you can see at the exhibition Music and Painting, exhibited at the Klaipėda Concert Hall (Šaulių St. 36, Klaipėda) until July.



May 13 2019 - Jun 30 2019
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