A citizen of Łódź on a journey

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This exhibition gives visitors a chance to experience places of historical interest from the perspective of inhabitants of Łódź before World War Two. The exhibition is divided into 7 separate parts that show various forms and aspects of going outside the city. Among them there will be, among others a section devoted to recreational trips of Łódź workers, surrounding summer resorts, mountain bike and mountain tourism, and the oldest railway stations in our city.

Małgorzata Moskwa - Wodnicka, vice-president of Łódź, said about the exhibition:

- This is a very interesting exhibition, atypical because it shows normal inhabitants of Łódź, not necessarily historically important figures, in completely different situations than those we are used to by museums. The Lodz Citizen on a Journey exhibition will be an attempt to show various faces of the travels of our city residents until 1939. The curators also intend to introduce visitors to the most interesting objects from the collection of the City of Łódź Museum related to the travels and tourist trips of our city residents until 1939.

The exhibition is a story about why, how and where the inhabitants of Łódź traveled. Travel accessories, travel documents and rich iconographic material related to domestic and foreign trips will also be shown. Most of the presented objects - both documents (including passports authorizing to leave the country, train timetables, tickets), iconographic material and spatial artifacts - have not been previously exhibited at the Museum of the City of Łódź. The exhibition will feature several unique items of great historical value - tourist guides, sachets for shirts, cameras, a straw hat folded into a ball, a travel icon, a briefcase with the Star of David, travel cases for walking sticks and umbrellas.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a program of cultural events, incl. curatorial tours, lectures and classes for children. Additionally, a game aimed at the youngest visitors has been planned. In the space of the exhibition, there will be a special educational zone for them, where they will learn about the exhibits and the history / culture of travel of the former inhabitants of Łódź, solving puzzles and playing the role of a globetrotter traversing Łódź and its surroundings.

Detailed information will be available on the website (www.muzeum-lodz.pl), Facebook and Instagram of the Museum of the City of Łódź.

The exhibition will be presented in the period July 10, 2021 - November 15, 2021.

Admission to the exhibition will be ticketed. Admission tickets: PLN 5 normal / PLN 3 reduced, with the Lodzian Card: PLN 3 normal / PLN 1 reduced.



Tue, Wed, Thu 09:00-17:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 11:00-19:00, Closed Mon. Jul 10 2021 - Nov 15 2021
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Price/Additional Info

Admission 5/3 zł.


www.muzeum-lodz.pl www.facebook.com/MuzeumMiastaLodzi
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