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Discover the captivating region of Podkarpackie (Subcarpathia), an untrampled destination in the Carpathian Mountains of southeastern Poland, where wide-open wilderness, vivid ethnic cultures, slow provincial charm and an innate love for the land converge to create a unique and authentic travel experience.

Podkarpackie's Bieszczady Mountains are an excellent place for hiking and generally escaping from civilisation.

Enriched with a rich tapestry of Slavic ethnic groups like the Lemkos, Boykos, Pogorzans, and Dolinians, Podkarpackie possesses a vibrant multicultural past. Despite the tumultuous history that has shaped this borderland, the region proudly preserves its colourful folk customs, crafts, cuisine, and other heritage traditions.
Learn traditional handicrafts at the Bieszczady Crafts School; photo by Adelina Krupski.

For travellers seeking outdoor adventure, the region’s green rolling landscapes present an array of opportunities. Hike through the untamed highland beauty of Bieszczady Mountains, set sail on the pristine waters of Lake Solina, kayak down the serene San River, and cycle around the pastoral Roztocze countryside.
Kayaking on the San River; photo by Maciej Nabózny.

Amidst this breathtaking scenery, you’ll uncover charming villages, ancient wooden churches, cultural treasures, craft galleries and living heritage sites where the past becomes tangible. Soak in the rustic charm of Sanok and step back in time at the Museum of Folk Architecture, explore the mysterious monastery ruins in Zagórz, and gaze out on the beguiling silhouette of the Bieszczady Mountains from forest observation towers. Marvel at the grandeur of Łańcut Castle and the charming townhouses of Przeworsk and Jarosław, before embracing the allure of Przemyśl with its remarkable fortification system.
Sunset on Mount Cergowa Observation Tower; photo by Robert Neumann.

This combination of peaceful, pristine landscapes, rich cultural roots and rustic, romantic wonder are what make any visit to Podkarpackie so unique and unforgettable.
Go back in time at the Museum of Folk Architecture; photo courtesy of museum.

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Now, following the local slogan ‘Rzuć wszystko i jedź...,' it's time to drop everything and go to Podkarpackie!

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