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The Podkarpackie region has some wonderful variety throughout its distinctive regional cuisine. Its food has undoubtedly been influenced by the many ethnicities that have existed in the area for hundreds of years. Treat your taste buds and get sampling. 

Proziaki (Flatbreads)
A local soda flatbread delicacy, for the most authentic and theatrical experiece when buying your fresh morning Proziaki in Przemyśl, check out Manufaktura Domowa Piekarnia i Spizarnia on the Market Square and see how it was done back in the day. Cash only. 7zł per piece. 

Where to try:
Manufaktura Domowa Piekarnia i Spizarnia, Rynek G 6, Przemyśl
Stary Młyn, Fabryczna 12, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

Fuczki  (Sauerkraut Pancakes)
Like potato pancakes but instead of the potato add shredded pickled cabbage. They taste so much better than they sound. A great beer-drinking snack, there's a lot of variation in how people make these, but the best in our opinion were in Restauracja Dominikańska in Przemyśl. We dare you to find better and won't even mention their garlic sauce. 

Where to try:
Restauracja Dominikańska, Plac Domunikański 3, Przemyśl
Stodoła Bistro Glinne 64

Gołąbki Przemyskie (Cabbage Rolls)
The humble Polish gołąbka needs no introduction, but in Podkarpackie they funk it up a little. It's still wrapped in a beautifully seasoned young cabbage leaf, however the filling of meat or rice here is substituted with the most decadent, creamy mashed potato. It's sounds simplistic and it is, but that's the magic. After eating the standard fare for many years, Cuda Wianki's offering has raised the bar in cabbage roll culinary perfection. 

Where to try:
Cuda Wianki, Rynek, Przemyśl 
Stary Młyn, Fabryczna 12, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

Hreczanyki (Meatballs)

Pork meatballs - Podkarpackie style. There's not much that sets these stalwarts of local cuisine apart from the standard Polish meatball fare until you realise they are also stuffed with buckwheat. The deal breaker is when you try the velvety, creamy dill sauce that occasionally accompanies them. 

Where to try:
Restauracja Dominikańska, Plac Domunikański 3, Przemyśl
Stary Młyn, Fabryczna 12, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

Pstrąg (Trout)
There are few places in the world better to try fresh water trout than Poland - until you come to Podkarpackie that is. Usually baked or fried to perfection (smoked is also superemely scrumptious), served still succulent and juicy, with crispy skin and herb butter dressing to melt all over it, it's a culinary treat up there with the very best the region has to offer. Some places will even let you catch your own. 

Where to try:
Karczma Solina, Solina 38a, 38-610
Wędzarnia i Smażalnia Pstrąga "Regionalny Przysmak" Zdrojowa, 38-610 Polańczyk

Bałabuszek/Pierogi Hutculskie

A bałabuch is the freshest, buttery, onion seed-encrusted bap. It becomes a bałabuszek when you insert a smooth, cabbage filling inside. Basically, an upmarket 'kapuśzniacka' - with a steaming mug of tantalising 'barscz' beetroot soup thrown in for good measure. Comfort food of the gods. 

Pierogi Hutculskie is pierogi or dumplings stuffed with buckwheat and porcini mushrooms. There are many regional variations though - check with the restaurant to see what they have. 

Where to try:
Cuda Wianki (Bałabuszek), Rynek, Przemyśl 
Restauracja Dominikańska (Pierogi Hutculskie), Plac Domunikański 3, Przemyśl


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