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Poznan has no red-light district as such, although its location close to Germany and its position as one of Poland's leading business destinations mean that there are adult entertainment options. In the old days we’d use this point to fire recommendations on houses of ill-repute your way. Legal factors now make that a foolhardy path to pursue, so instead we advise prospective punters to visit the Polish forums on www.internationalsexguide.com, where the message boards are alive with the latest dispatches from the frontline, as well as pics and maps from the more committed posters. For independent girls check websites such as www.odloty.pl and www.sexatlas.pl, where you’ll find a choice of literally hundreds upon hundreds of feisty Polish girls promising a lively time. Your third choice is to simply put your faith in a taxi driver. More often than not this will involve being driven to the suburbs and to whichever brothel is giving the cabbie a kickback. Prices in these ‘high end’ establishments will tend to start at 200zl, though don’t be tricked into buying champers for the lady unless you’re sure you can afford it. Similarly watch your wallet in strip clubs – bills easily spiral, even more so when the drinks start being poured.

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Adult Entertainment
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Adult Entertainment
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