Getting Around

Getting Around Poznań


Travel within Poznań using buses and trams is efficient, fast and cheap; driving a car through the Old Town's maze of one-way streets, on the other hand, can be confusing indeed, and the centre is best negotiated either on foot or by taking a cab. In this section you'll find all you need to know about getting around the city with general ease via tram, bus and taxi.

Public Transport

Poznań is crisscrossed by 19 tram routes (of which one runs at night), and 118 bus lines (20 at night). During the day these run from around 05:00 to 23:00 with trams and buses running approximately every ten minutes. Due to frequent track work and route changes, your best bet for figuring out how to use public transport in Poz is the super-helpful website poznan.jakdojade.pl (mobile app also available), which can tell you exactly how to get from point A to Point B in English.

Transport tickets are bought from automated machines found on most buses and trams, as well as at most transport stops, and the fact that you can pay by card means you don’t have to stress about having change. The galaxy of ticket options travellers are presented with is far too complex to review here; you can take it to heart that you won’t be leaving ‘Zone A’ unless you’re travelling far outside of the city-centre, as even Lake Malta is within Zone A. Tickets are timed, and the cheapest option is a not-very-cheap 3zł for only 10mins - which might only get you 3 or 4 stops. A 40-min ticket for 4.60zł is the safer bet, but if you plan on travelling often, you may want to consider a 24hr or 48hr ticket. Another option if you are here for a few days is the Poznań City Card which gives you free unlimited use of the public transport system as part of the price. It’ll save an awful lot of headaches. Note that kids under five and adults over 70 ride for free.

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