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Winter in Tallinn is magical. The snow-covered medieval rooftops of the Old Town make for a great photo-op from one of Tallinn’s many viewing platforms. The cosy cafés offer respite from the cold, which can drop to below -20C. And the sound of snow crunching under your feet on a walk through town is soothing.

Speaking of soothing, have you ever been in an Estonian sauna? Tallinn has many public and private saunas to check out, but before you go, make sure you read about sauna customs so you don’t accidentally end up walking naked into a communal sauna. (It’s happened!)

Tallinn boasts plenty of sightseeing, but did you know we have some unusual attractions as well? Steven the Seagull, for example (and featured on our cover) is Estonia’s most photographed seagull with an Instagram account all his own. Or what about a visit to Tallinn’s Central Market, a Soviet culinary relic. Turn to our sightseeing section for many more curious things to visit while in town.

Don’t feel like sightseeing? Turn to page 43 for a look at our top 5 outdoor winter activities that you can do right here in Tallinn, including skiing.

And, last but not least, in honour of last year’s centenary, until February 2020, we’ll publish 100 fun and interesting facts about Estonia. Don’t forget, February 24 is Estonia’s Independence Day. Wake up before sunrise and follow the crowds to Toompea to watch the flag raising.

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day, however you’ll be celebrating!
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