Järva County


Situated in the middle of Estonia, Järvamaa is the country’s heartland. Just a short drive from Estonia’s main cities, Järvamaa offers plenty of interesting and unique museums, manor houses and stunning nature.

If you love visiting museums, Järvamaa is the place to come. In Järva-Jaani, you’ll find the Shelter of Old Vehicles. The Estonian Bicycle Museum in Väätsa talks about the history of bicycles as a means of transportation in Estonia. There are bikes dating back to the 1880s. The museum itself is located in the historic Väätsa municipality centre, which was the most important intersection in Estonia where the road between Tallinn, Viljandi and Riga met with a main east-west highway. Tip: be sure to ask about the museum’s discount for cyclists and families.

Other museums of interest include the Estonian Broadcasting Museum in Türi where you can produce your own radio show. In fact, the radio station that started broadcasting from Türi in 1937 was the most modern in Europe at the time. If food is more of interest, try your hand at churning butter at the Estonian Dairy Museum. The A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe is located in the famous author’s birth home, which inspired the epic novel Truth and Justice. You’ll learn about the Tammsaare’s life and works, as well as 19th century farm life in the area.

You’ll certainly want to stop in at Põhjaka Manor for a meal. This old manor house was restored by a team of chefs who decided to leave the city and start a restaurant using local ingredients to create simple dishes inspired by classic Estonian cuisine. Stop in for lunch or dinner, but be warned that the chefs take a break from 15:00 to 16:00.

Kirna Manor is also worth a visit. This large white stone building was built in the second half of the 18th century. The manor has a café, but outside in the park there are strong magneto-anomalous zones or crust cracks which produce fields with different effects like healing energy.

While in Järvamaa, be sure to take time to enjoy the surroundings. This is best done by hiring a bike to tour the area or enjoying one of the many hiking trails. You can also take a canoe or rafting tour. Endla Nature Reserve, Kõrvemaa National Park and Pandivere National Water Reserve are good places for this. The area has plenty of lakes and rivers, and a crystal clear spring. There’s also plenty of wildlife to encounter like birds, bears and wolves. There have also been sightings of rare bird species like the spotted eagle and black storks.

For a glimpse of more tame wildlife, visit the Wile Alpaca Farm, where you’ll see different colours of alpaca. Alpacas are very friendly and soft. There are alpaca wool items for sale in the wool room, too.

Want to see Järvamaa from above? Visit the Keelutsoon Flying Club. The Flying Club offers paragliding and paramotoring, as well as flights. But don’t worry, you don’t need to learn to fly. The Club also offers hot air balloon rides.

Be it history or nature, adventure or relaxation, Järvamaa offers something for everyone. More information from https://www.visitestonia.com

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