Staying in touch

Staying in touch


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Mobile service providers

Rest assured that the same GSM mobile you use in Europe or the UK will also work here. To get the best deal on roaming charges, check with your provider at home to see which Estonian network they’re partnered with, and set your network selection accordingly.
Better still, you can avoid the roaming question entirely by getting a local Estonian number. All you have to do is buy a starter kit, (see Prepaid mobile calling). Alternatively, if you have an Estonian address, you can sign a contract with one of the networks listed here:

Prepaid mobile calling

Now that there aren't any more public payphones in Estonia, if you want to make a call inside the country or to back home you have a few options. You can use your own mobile carrier for some pretty hefty roaming rates, you can use the phone in your hotel room - also for a small fortune and not so convenient, or you can buy one of the many inexpensive, prepaid starter packages on the market. There are quite a few available in Estonia, here we have listed the major players. These kits are available in most supermarkets, R-Kiosk, Statoil fuelling stations, the post office, from the service provider themselves and can be topped-up online or at the point of purchase. Each listing also states the service provider. See individual websites for further information, SMS prices, web browsing etc.


If all you need to do is send a postcard or a letter, there’s no need to visit a post office. Pretty much any kiosk will sell you stamps, just make sure they’re the right value for what you’re sending and where. Once you’ve got your stamps licked and affixed, drop your mail in any post box. These are the small orange boxes attached to buildings around town. Don’t put your mail in the dark green boxes with round holes in the sides. Those are trash bins.

Express mail

In addition to the express mail service (EMS) offered at any of the local post office branches, here are some alternatives.

Public internet access



By now, most have heard that Estonia is indeed a pretty tech-savy country. In fact much of the country is blanketed in WiFi or wireless internet hotspots. From long-distance buses to cafeś, pubs and even some shops and public areas - WIFI is everywhere. For foreigners visiting Tallinn this means you'll be able to check e-mails, SKYPE with friends back home or share photos on Facebook using your Android phone, iPhone or Blackberry - free of charge. Just look for the orange and black WiFi sign and you're good to go. With all that free WiFi around, you'll also want to purchase the Tallinn In Your Pocket iPhone app available here. In Estonia, WiFi information including WiFi locations is provided by www.WiFi.ee.

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