Rapla County


Raplamaa is perhaps one of Estonia’s most undiscovered areas, as it’s often driven through on the way to Tallinn or Pärnu. The area is certainly worth a stop, as you will find beautiful natural surroundings, fascinating history and friendly people.

Among some of Raplamaa’s worthy sites are the many manor houses, old churches, castle ruins and museums. Rapla, the largest town in the county, can be recognised by its tall church towers. Stroll along the 2-kilometre riverside
promenade, or visit one of the nearby manors in Alu, Kuusik, Raiküla, Hagudi, or Ingliste. The Mahtra Peasant Museum is also worth a peek, an old peasant tavern serving as a museum about the Mahtra War in 1858.

Alta Manor, built on the ruins of the original 1422 manor, has seen many uses, including a prisoner of war camp, a horse hire point, a tractor station, student camp accommodation and a shop. Today, the manor has its own ceramics studio and shop where you can purchase ceramics and antiques.

Kohila also boasts many manors and fortresses like the Loone Stronghold, which was built into a small hill and protected by the Keila River on three sides. While little remains of the fortress, the area is perfect for a picnic or canoeing. With Kanuutaja, you can hire a canoe or organise a 1 or 2-day canoe trip on the Keila, Vigala and Põltsamaa rivers.

Want to see Estonia’s ‘King of Stones’? Named for its majestic size, the Pahkla boulder measures 29.5 metres around and stands 4.4 metres tall. It’s said that residents of the nearby Pahkla manor used to have parties and dance on the boulder.

There are lots of places to explore if you like handicrafts. Iida’s Summer School offers weaving classes. At the Puraviku Windmill, you can have personalised souvenir coins forged for you. Try your hand at glassblowing at the Järvakandi glass museum. Or, have your wool spun at the Kabala wool mill.

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay, spend a night on a raft house on the Vigala River. Preeriakoda offers accommodation in teepees and organises hiking, including snowshoeing in winter. Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm offers a set 5-course menu from Wednesday to Saturday night and a late lunch at 15:00 on Sundays. Pre-booking is a must. Torgo Talu Guesthouse offers accommodation for four in a cosy little cabin on the Velise River. Three-course dinners and filling breakfasts can also be pre-booked in advance.

Did you know there’s a Parrot Centre in Konuvere? Visit the centre to learn more about parrots, or if you’re looking for a bird hotel, you can bring you parrot to stay the night.

The town of Märjamaa is a quaint and picturesque little village with colourful wooden houses, just off of Pärnu mnt. Further along, the area of Vigala is known for farming. In Vana-Vigala, you can wander along a short nature trail in the park of the Vigala Manor. The manor houses some of the oldest art in Estonia.

Whether you’re looking to relax or explore one of the many rivers in the area, Raplamaa is the perfect place to  immerse yourself in nature.

More information from https://www.visitestonia.com.

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