Created with sound | Music and dance in visual arts of Asia and Oceania.

Nov 25 - Sep 3 2023       ul. Solec 24
A multisensory exhibition that explores the ability of artistic techniques to capture the ephemeral essence of music and dance. Through approximately 170 exhibits from the Asia and Pacific Museum's collection, visitors are immersed in the diverse cultures of Asia and Oceania. Professional and folk artists from different countries utilize various techniques and materials to depict musical subjects. The exhibition also showcases the works of Polish artists inspired by the music and dance of these regions. Starting with historical reproductions, the exhibition delves into the exploration of musical instruments, dances, and the cultural contexts in which they function. It highlights the role of art in preserving cultural heritage while serving as valuable source of knowledge for researchers in fields such as history, musicology, sociology, and philosophy.



Open 10:00-18:00. Closed Mon. Nov 25 2022 - Sep 3 2023
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