Frida Kahlo. The life of an icon.

Open 09:00-20:00. Fri 09:00-21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00-21:00.       ul. Żelazna 51/53 (Fabryka Norblina)
An immersive experience using light and color to look at the life of one of the world’s most famous artists. This exhibition uses photographs, video, digital images, collector's items and music to examine Frida Kahlo's life and what made her so prolific.

Well into the 21st century, the myth of Frida Kahlo is more alive than ever. Her life story still uplifts and inspires, as it shows a resilient, strong, rebellious and talented woman capable of overcoming adversity. A woman with an exceptional personality who was ahead of her time.

This must-see exhibit is held at the newly open, immersive art center, Art Box until early June.



Open 09:00-20:00. Fri 09:00-21:00, Sat, Sun 10:00-21:00. Feb 9 2024 - Sep 1 2024
Art Box Experience
ul. Żelazna 51/53 (Fabryka Norblina)
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