Invisible Exhibition

Open 10:00-20:00.       Al. Jerozolimskie 123A (Atlas Tower)
Would you pay for an exhibition you can’t see? That’s the idea behind 'The Invisible Exhibition,' which takes visitors into the world of the sightless. The roughly 1hr tours are helmed by guides who know of what they speak: all are partially or completely blind themselves. Tours begin with several stations that help get you acclimated to the challenges blind people face daily. You’ll get to tap on a Braille typewriter, test out gadgets that help the sightless do tasks in the kitchen, and try to solve simple puzzles while wearing a blindfold. Once you’re sufficiently awed by your inability to do even minor tasks, the guide leads the group into the main portion of the exhibition: a pitch-black series of rooms that force you to rely on your other senses to get by. You’ll visit an art gallery, a bar and take a walk ‘outside’ while the guides ask questions about what you’re encountering – you’ll be listening for the swoosh of cars before crossing the street, or feeling a sculpture to discern what kind of art it is. If you bring along change the guide will even serve you a drink in the completely dark bar. An eye-opening experience that will have you thinking heavily about what you take for granted.

If you're interested in visiting, it's wise to book online in advance. Note that at the exhibit site they do not accept payments by card, only cash. Tours in English can be arranged, but you must first write to them by email at info@niewidzialna.pl with TOUR IN ENGLISH as the subject line.



Open 10:00-20:00. May 26 2023 - Dec 31 2024
Invisible Exhibition
Al. Jerozolimskie 123A (Atlas Tower)

Price/Additional Info

Admission 40/35zł; Sat, Sun 45/40zł


www.niewidzialna.pl www.facebook.com/niewidzialnawystawa
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