Miriam Elia "The New Normal"

Mar 24 - Jun 11 2023       ul. Jazdów 2
This exhibition showcases the works of English artist Miriam Elia, who has combined the innocence of childhood nostalgia with political satire to create a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary culture and politics in the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we see images of smiling children exploring and discovering a world of wonder, reminiscent of a time of optimism and playful learning, whilst a subversive mimicry is at play, satirising contemporary culture, politics, and ideologies that drive the engines of a globalized world. The exhibition reflects on the pandemic and lockdown, questioning the new "rules of the game" that were imposed on society. Miriam Elia's work also delves into the aftermath of the pandemic, including the new world order known as 'The Great Reset.' This global initiative aims to re-order the fabric of our lives under the benign mission of increasing co-operation between global stakeholders. Miriam Elia's satire is part of a long tradition of political art and graphics that began with the revolutionary invention of mass-producing words and images through print for the common people in the fifteenth century. Her work follows in the footsteps of great political satirists like William Hogarth, Francisco Goya, John Heartfield, George Grosz, and Karl Arnold, who poked fun at the socio-political order of their time.



Mar 24 2023 - Jun 11 2023

Price/Additional Info

Admission 10/5zł.


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