Radio Asia Music Festival

Thursday Dec 6 - Sunday Dec 9    

The Radio Asia music festival is dedicated to presenting the freshest tracks in modern Asian music. Placing emphasis on music coming out of South and East Asia, the festival aims to bring out some of the lesser known, intriguing and emerging artists in the scene. This local project is quite young, appearing on the Warsaw horizon in 2013 as a smaller event showcasing a limited selection of artists from Korea. Since then, it has evolved in terms of scale and variety of artists. This year marks its first rendition in the form of a larger-scaled festival, featuring a total of 5 artists representing varying parts of Asia. The artists featured are far from generic—they experiment with musical conventions, use a variety of traditional instruments mixed in with cutting-edge electronics, and pull inspiration from classic Far Eastern performative arts, such as the Korean pansori or the Pekin opera. If variety is what you seek in music, then this is where you'll find it.


Dec 6 2018 - Dec 9 2018

Price/Additional Info

Pass ticket 170zł




www.radioazja.pl www.facebook.com/radioazja/
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