Woman, Life, Freedom. The work of Kurdish women through the eyes of Kurdish photographers

Oct 12 - Jan 28 2024       ul. Solec 24
The photography exhibition, titled "Woman, Life, Freedom," builds upon the revolutionary slogan in Iran. A follow-up to the earlier exhibit "Jin, jiyan, azadî", it delves into the lives and societal contributions of Kurdish women. Departing from typical portrayals of Kurdish women as war victims or fighters, this showcase offers a diverse perspective.
Asia & Pacific Museum
"Women have the power to create beauty from the most challenging materials and in the most difficult circumstances." Najari Zandi. Photo by Sharare Farzi, Sanandaj, December 2022, Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) (4/5)
Kurdish female photographers capture women of all ages and regions engaged in a spectrum of professions, challenging stereotypes and highlighting their roles as active contributors. These images blur the line between reality and artistry, portraying a blend of contemporary careers and traditional practices. The exhibition embodies the empowerment, visibility, and resilience of Kurdish women, emphasizing their evolving roles and the enduring ties to their heritage.
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