Tineretului & Parcul Carol

South of Piata Unirii is Tineretului, an area of mainly 1960s and 1970s apartment blocks which would have little appeal were it not for its enormous and excellent park, centered on an artifical lake built at the same time as the blocks which surround it. In the centre of the park is Sala Polivalenta, a large sports hall used for international handball and basketball events, as well as concerts. At the southern end of the park is Oraselul Copiilor, a large funfair open every day in good weather.

Close by is Parcul Carol, a much older and less well-kept park; it was landscaped and opened for the Romania In The World Fair of 1906. The area north of the park boasts some fine streets with centuries-old houses, some of which are today put to use as boutique hotels. Other notable venues in the area include the Arenele Romane, an outdoor auditorium popular for concerts in the summer, and the Heroes' Cemetery, where many of those killed in the 1989 revolution are buried. Gara Filaret, on Strada Miropolit Filaret - today a bus station - was Bucharest's first railway station when opened in 1869.

Getting There

Metro to Tineretului; to Eroii Revolutiei for the Bellu and Heroes' Cemeteries.
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