Bucharest's heart, and in recent decades its soul. This is where Bucharest comes to revolt: the fiercest fighting of the 1989 revolution was here, right under the moses of the foreign journalists at the InterContinental hotel, while the subsequent Mineriada of 1990 was also played out in the square. This is also where Bucharest comes to celebrate, however, be it a victory in football or the election of a popular politician (such as when Klaus Iohannis defeated the hated Victor Ponta in 2014's presidential election).

Universitate is also Bucharest's meeting point: first dates begin in front of the (newly renovated) National Theatre, look for the neervous young men holding a single flower, wondering if she will or will not show up. The building from which the square gets its name, Bucharest University itself, is a gem, although the once lovely gardens opposite have in recent years been turned into a vast expanse of concrete: not then Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu's finest hour.

The area around the square itself is packed with shops, bars, pubs and restaurants, as well as a number of hotels. You will not have to go far to find whatever it is your are looking for. Bucharest's Old Town is directly south of the square.

Getting There

Chances are you are already close: this is the city centre after all. Otherwise, take the metro to Universitate.

Associated Venues

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