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To dial abroad, dial 00, the country code, the area code, the subscriber’s number and away you go. For calls in Bucharest you need to dial both the correct city code (021 for Telekom numbers, 031 for private phone companies; see 021 vs. 031, below) and the subscriber’s number.

To call a mobile, you must dial the prefix (07XX), and when calling from a mobile you must dial the city code (again, either 021 or 031).

021 vs. 031
No, not a fixture in the telephone codes’ Premier League, instead growing confusion regarding what is and what is not the correct city telephone code for Bucharest. Competition is a wonderful thing, and Telekom, for decades the sole fix-line telephone operator in the country, now has plenty of it. Cable television companies, mobile phone operators and even ISPs are getting in on the act. As a result, there has been a need to increase the amount of fix-line telephone numbers available. The local authorities have done this by assigning a new city code, 031, to the private operators. Telekom numbers retain the old 021 code, which, like 031, has to be dialled. If you do not, you will hear a recorded message (in Romanian of course) telling you off.

We have included all necessary codes in of our listings throughout our listings: the number you see here is the number you dial.

Post & Express Mail

Posting a letter in Romania is as easy as, well, posting a letter. You will find post offices everywhere (look for the red and yellow Posta Romana symbol), where you can buy stamps, phone cards and other paraphernalia.

Posting a parcel outside the European Union is a far more complicated process, and we do not recommend it to the uninitiated. You will need to fill out customs declarations, you will be directed to a certain post office (which one depends on the contents of the parcel) and the process can take a whole morning. We recommend calling Pegasus/DPD.

Wifi / Getting Online

Bucharest is now dotted with hundreds of Wifi hotspots, and the vast majority are free. It is rare in fact that you will come across a venue which does not have Wifi.

Usually, all you will need is a password (divulged as you order something) though many venues in Old Town don’t even bother: you can simply sit down and start surfing away.

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