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Winter has been especially stubborn this year, and as we went to print with our newest issue in the final days of February, snow was still covering much of the country, including Ljubljana, and the weather forecast was telling us it would be sunny with highs of -4° and lows of -16°. We not sure about the ongoing global climate change debate, but this seems like very convincing evidence that Slovenia should consider adopting Groundhog Day as a national holiday – after all we've already got the Bill Murray connection via Slovenia Vodka, and it would definitely be a great PR stunt. However, Ljubljana already has its own tradition for welcoming spring and in spite of the arctic chill currently making us dread venturing outside, thanks to our unfailing optimism we're still incredibly excited about spring this year.

Aside from objectively being the best season (that's a fact, look it up), this year spring brings even more cultural events than usual, as 2018 has been officially dubbed the European Year of Cultural Heritage by those fine folks at the European Commission in Brussels, who are clearly not into the whole brevity thing. Here at In Your Pocket we've done our small part by expanding our Culture & Events sections, highlighting individual institutions and presenting the results of our annual Best Culture in Ljubljana competition. As always we appreciate any and all feedback from our readers, be it on Facebook, Instagram, old-fashioned email or written on paper boat and floated down the Gradaščica canal.

A free PDF download of our latest guide to Ljubljana can be found here, and with over 400 distribution points in the city (and surrounding area) you’re never far from a print copy.

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