Rog's Pony Bicycles

more than a year ago

You don't have to look far in Ljubljana to find inspiration to write about Rog, the old socialist bike manufacturer. Rog was formerly based in a big factory by the Ljubljanica river, now a budding cultural centre and host to many an underground party, concert and dance production.

Rog factory's vital statistics:

- 7000m²
- Produced bikes from 1951-1991
- The 'Rog' brand name sold in 2004 for €210,732.77
- Opened as cultural centre in 2006

Relics of old Yugoslavia, Rog bikes are still all over the place in LJ (local slang for the Slovenian capital). You can hear varying degrees of metallic rattling emanating from these hunks of stainless steel, and of course the unmistakable trill of their antique - and more or less obligatory - bells. The point is, there are actually still loads of the older models trundling around Ljubljana's cobbled back-streets and major thoroughfares, which, 18 years and counting since the factory closed, only confirms the communist engineering ethic: 'build it like a tank' - build it to last.

Perhaps Rog's most cherished model, the Pony, with its dinky frame and comically undersized wheels, is definitely the cutest. You see everyone, from petite female students to lanky businessmen in three-piece suits to centenarian grandmothers, perched on their springy seats. You see these prancing Ponies in every colour, sometimes having been painted over numerous times.


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I have Rog from 1989, they are made to last. Made some 1500-2000 km per year, just for the city. Hence, some 45.000 km. All is OK, just replacing tires, brakes, i put Deore derailleur etc. Rog Pony is re-introcued again in 2017, similar geometry, with Schwalbe tires and some good equipement - Brooks seats, gears etc... also made in Slovenia (Velenje).
Over a year ago
I lived in Bosnia for about 2 years. I got married there and found out my father in law had a Rog bike. I would love to buy a men Rog bike.Please contact me if I can get a good deal on one. Wenda
Over a year ago
I bought a Rog bike during my travels in Slovenia for... a bottle of wine! ;) It has some rust residue that needs to be cleaned, but i already took everything apart and started to restore it. I need Rog logo, one with high resolution would be super-cool - anyone, anything? :)
Over a year ago
Found a Pony but it doesn't have any gears or brakes, it has a backwards pedal system. Should I buy it?
Over a year ago
Does anyone of you know the phone number of the rog factory in Ljubljana? I need to call them
Over a year ago
my bike broke down so I took my father's old rog pony out of the garage. It's about 25 years old but I'm telling you it looks like brand new! I find it super cool now! I'm not even going to give a try repairing my other bike. :)
Over a year ago
ben stubbington
canada (ontario),
i got my pony from a garage sale for free and my wife wont ride bikes with me anymore....lol but i still love it even my boys laugh ....lol could any one help me get the original bell n light so i could make them laugh even more ... ;) thanx
Over a year ago
canada british columbia
i have and rog pony bicycle for sale in canada .. for restoration or parts. if interested please mail punx_a_passion84@hotmail.com for more info or pictures
Over a year ago
Hello I m from Sarajevo and find story here about my favorit bike PONY Rog.I vas trevel with my Pony Rog 5000 kilometersall ower Bosnia for the past 11 years. My first PONY Rog was by to me my father 1979.
Over a year ago
i picked up a pony which was left discarded..who knows how long..against a railing in a shopping mall's loading dock only because i liked the look of it. it needs some work the chrome is not the best but the markings and paint(blue) is still in reasonably good condition. now that i know the history it'll be a great conversational piece after i've restored it to working condition and riding around toronto. it could even turn out to be a chick magnet.(haha)i do have a question for anyone in the know...how do i tell what year it is?
Over a year ago
Hi.Does anybody knows where can i fing original parts and stickers for Rog-Pony bike? Pony`s back on the road
Over a year ago
I have a white Pony and its a really cool bike. Maybe it isnt beautiful like the BMX, but its a really fast and strong bike and i can also do tricks with it
Over a year ago
just bought a red rog pony at a thrift store for $13. best bike I've ever had...I ride it every day!
Over a year ago

I just found one in a garbage container. I took it home, put new tires on it and now she works beautifully! I didn't even know what I had until I found this article!
Over a year ago
Pat Phillips
My brother and I had brand new blue and green Rog Ponies in the late 1970's, bought from Ipswich. We toured East Anglia for a week on them. Good job it's almost flat! My brothers frame hinge fell in half going down a small hill but dad fixed it with a rock. I am now 42 and wish I still had it!
Over a year ago
dayanira reyes
california usa,
i just purchase a 1985 rog folding pony bike for 112.00 dollars. It is a very nice bike
Over a year ago
Will Dunn
Ahh yeah, we stand corrected!
Over a year ago
You wrote that "it's only a matter of time before they are reproduced", but it's wrong... it WAS only a matter of time, check Rogo-šport...(I see I'm not allowed to post links... so go to their website > Kolesa > Mestna > page 2 > Pony)There was also an article in Žurnal24.
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