Jun 6 - May 3 2020    
The exhibition illustrates the inseparable connection between the development of Greek science and technology, focusing on mathematics, physics, astronomy and medicine among the scientific disciplines, and achievements in engineering, shipbuilding, architecture, telecommunications, hydraulics and the development of automatic machines and measuring devices in the field of technology.
Some of the most compelling showcased technical areas include architecture and construction technology, mathematics or geometry with Archimedean solids and Pythagorean theorem, mechanics with Archimedes’ screw, telecommunications with the hydraulic telegraph, astronomy and the famous mechanism from the island of Antikythera, automata and mobile automatic theatre, as well as music with hydraulis or water organ.  

Text used courtesy of https://www.cd-cc.si/​​​​​​​.



Jun 6 2019 - May 3 2020

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€8, €5


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