Lighting Guerrila

Monday Jun 15 - Saturday Jul 11       Trg Francoske Revolucije 7
The theme of the upcoming edition of the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, dedicated to the exploration of light on the field of contemporary visual art, is Five Elements. The concept of the festival is based on the ancient tradition of four elements (water, air, earth, fire), upgraded by the introduction of the fifth element, which represents a unique addition to the material elements. Five elements constitute the totality of material and spiritual experience of the world and the fifth element remains undefined – it becomes a sort of a floating signifier, whose only characteristic is overcoming materiality and focusing attention on everything that is invisible and at the same time indispensable for the fullness of life.
Lighting Guerilla, Ljubljana
Lighting Guerilla, Ljubljana

At the festival we will thus present several productions, which on the field of contemporary art thematize one of the elements or all five of them, and in that way with fresh and innovative visual vocabulary explore physical and also sociological sides of the world and life
Lighting Guerilla, Ljubljana
Lighting Guerilla, Ljubljana
The festival begins with an opening of the group exhibition at the Match Gallery and a serious of outdoor installations in its direct surroundings or in the city center of Ljubljana. During the festival, many events will take place, such as performances, projections and guided tours. The festival will end on the Museum Summer Night.

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