Pocket's Vaudeville Presents: Matilda, Let's Do It

Sunday Dec 8 20:00    
The Pocket’s Vaudeville “Matilda, Let’s Do It!” – an original production of the Pocket Teater Studio that will open on 6-8 December – is a multilingual show that follows the tradition of the old Vaudeville, Varieté and the American and Latin-American travelling fairs’ acts. It will present spectacles ranging from the shaky circus numbers, freak exhibitions to slapstick comedy; music, dance, low budget beauty, on-stage illusionism and brimming enthusiasm with one single idea – to entertain the audience.

If most cabaret and burlesque shows in Ljubljana would love to be created and premiered in today’s Berlin – always trying to provoke or scare the long disappeared bourgeoisie – Pocket’s Vaudeville’s natural environment would be a train-car with a run-down troupe of international artists travelling through forgotten towns of last century’s or present-day Bolivia, simply trying to make the bumpy road of life just a wee bit lighter for a brief moment.

Text from Pocket Teater Studio. Email pocket.teater@gmail.com for reservations (highly recommended as venue seating is very limited). For more info call +386 70 325 522.


Dec 6 2019 20:00
Dec 7 2019 20:00
Dec 8 2019 20:00
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