Small Arts Platform 2023

Thursday Nov 2 - Sunday Nov 5       Vilharjeva 11
For the sixth year running, the Small Arts Platform welcomes all those forms of performance that are often considered "small" in the context of theatre because of their racy content, social commentary, provocation and pop-cultural appropriation.

As we discuss how big the small arts are, national and international names are dressing up in snazzy costumes to spice up this year’s programme with performances, workshops, discussions and, of course, an unlimited amount of conspiratorial mischief. For an added oddment of luxury, for four days the underground of the Mladinsko Theatre will be transformed into a paradise of glamour, a place of acceptance. Cabaret delicacies from around the world will perform each night; Le Cabaret de Poussière from Paris, the drop dead funny Our Beloved Alter Idiots, androgynous dance of Castor and Pollux by a Spanish choreographer Marta Izquierdo Muñoz, Styrian cabaret ZIZ, local drag queens with the performance Eat your make-up, and in collaboration with Eat Slay Love and vogueing emanation PLENVM from Vienna they will organise an international Kiki Function.

The Small Arts Platform will also be pushing everything out of the box with old friends The Feminalz, this time particularly spicy due to a guest burlesque act by Peekaboo Pointe from New York.

Enough with the small talk and inverted commas, the Small Arts Platform welcome you to an event with extra pzazz.

Click here for the full programme.

Text and photos from www.emanat.si



22:00 Nov 2 2023 - Nov 5 2023
Mladinsko Theatre
Vilharjeva 11

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