I Enter the World and Remain | Paintings by Jacek Malczewski from the Lviv National Art Gallery

Apr 12 - Oct 1 2023       Al. Marcinkowskiego 9
This exhibition is a collection of paintings by Jacek Malczewski from the Lviv National Art Gallery, presented as a gesture of help and solidarity in the protection of cultural heritage. The exhibition aims to remind people of the fragility and value of cultural heritage, especially in the face of war.

Taking its name from the title of a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, it refers to what is mobile, fragile, and uncertain, as well as what is eternal and important. Malczewski's art is a testimony and critical analysis of the turbulent and dramatic history of Poland, and his work becomes a witness to the barbarity of war. The exhibition tells the story of the fragility of heritage and its value, presented as a story about solidarity and the work of a museologist and artist during war. It emphasizes the importance of preserving heritage for future generations and its value as part of our identity and heritage - both local and global. The exhibition is not just about Malczewski's art, but also about the current questions that the artist asked himself and others, which are still relevant today.

The destruction of works of art, temples, or memorial sites by the Russians is a violation of the "Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict," ratified in 1954. Vandalizing objects of historical and artistic importance is considered a war crime, and the exhibition emphasizes the obligation to protect cultural heritage as a testimony to the past and a bearer of peace for the future.



Apr 12 2023 - Oct 1 2023
National Museum
Al. Marcinkowskiego 9
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