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By ferry

Water trams (basically ferries) sail during the summer season departing from the stop at the end of the pier in Sopot.Tickets can be bought from the ticket offices at the end of the pier or the small booth in the southern entrance to the gardens surrounding the pier. Note that sailings marked R are subject to demand and will only go if there are enough passengers.There are two ticket offices in Sopot. The one at the end of the pier is open 09:00 - 12:30, 13:30 - 18:50. The second ticket office is located at the entrance to the gardens surrounding the pier, open 09:30 - 12:00, 13:00 - 18:30.

By plane

By train

Car Rental

All most travellers need to rent a car in PL is 18 years of age, a credit card (not debit), and a valid foreign driver's licence. Be aware, however, that those from countries that didn't ratify the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (United States, China, Australia...) cannot legally drive on their home licences; technically an International Driver's License is required in those cases (in the US these are issued by AAA for a fee). If you don't have a license in line with the Vienna Convention, or the required IDL, you may be denied the ability to drive a rental car. Though some car rental companies (the dodgier ones) will still rent you a car (since it's good for their business to ignore international law), be aware that you are assuming full liability if you get behind the wheel; not only can you get a citation from the police, but if an accident were to occur, you would be fully responsible for any damages, regardless of the circumstances.

If you're looking to leave the country in your rental car, be aware that you can't cross the borders into Ukraine, Belarus or Lithuania in a rental car.

Private transport

Public Transport


If you'd like a form of motorised transport to get around the city, there are now a few self-drive options available which will allow you to pick up a vehicle from the street, drive to wherever you want to go and pay for it via an app. Check these out for a start.


Although most taxis are now trustworthy with honest meters, there are still certain drivers who will quite happily take advantage of your ignorance and overcharge for journeys. To guard against this ensure that you use a taxi which is clearly marked. The firms listed below are all reliable and will have their company clearly marked on the taxi and their fare tariffs displayed in the window of the car. Taxis are slightly cheaper if called in advance. If calling one of the abbreviated numbers such as 19686 please be aware that you may need to prefix it with 58 if calling from your mobile.

And now a warning. Because each of the cities are independent when it comes to taxis the driver is allowed to put the meter to the higher tariff when he leaves his own city whether that be Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia. As a guideline a journey to Gdansk will cost about 50zl and to Gdynia about 30zl.

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