Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment


There are now three centrally-located strip joints in Sopot although the most prominent is Kittens, found right next to the ticket booth in the Multikino. They have their girls out on the streets propositioning men from late afternoon onwards and as night moves on it becomes virtually impossible to walk 20m along the main street, as a man with no woman in your group without being approached.

The clubs are strip clubs and you are advised to spend cash rather than use a payment card to say any 'misunderstandings' over what you may exactly have purchased. In the past couple of years some strip clubs in Poland have been accused of card fraud but the courts have found them innocent on each occasion. Be warned that police raided a similar club in Gdansk late at night in the hunt for illegal substances being placed in drinks and a blog has been created specifically to record the accusations of theft made by visitors to clubs all over Poland.

Be on your guard, keep your hands to yourself and don't be overly optimistic about what to expect. If your interests go beyond spectating most of the taxi drivers will have a recommendation. We would but then that would be recommending an illegal service and well......

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