Festival of Dalmatian klapa Omiš

Friday Jun 28 - Saturday Jul 20    
What first started as random songs that men would sing in good company with wine and local food, through to sailors that would return from voyages and sing of their life experiences far away from home, to young men serenading beneath a maids window; the common element amongst all these is the word ‘song’. Over one hundred years ago these were the reasons why music - and that is ‘a capella’ music became a part of Croatian and in particular Dalmatian culture. A century on, now we have groups of singers called <em>klape</em> singing the most melodious of songs from the high pitched tenor to the low bass, and together they create angelic music without the use of instruments, music from the soul. For this reason the city of ‘Omiš’ can be classified as the mecca of ‘a capella music’ worldwide as this festival has been held since 1967, and last year celebrated its 50th jubilee. For over four weeks, <em>klapa </em>ensembles will serenade tourists down the cobbled stone paths of the city and the true final competition will be held mid-July. This is a must see if in town as <em>klapa</em> singing is now recognised and protected by UNESCO since its inclusion into the Representative List of Intangible Heritage. As an added bonus there is a permanent exhibition of the festival of Dalmatian <em>klapa </em>singing which brings people back to the very early days of the event and its past. Along with a professional guide, as well as lots of pictures and exhibits, visitors will gain an insight into the unique story of the way Dalmatian life once was – life with song, company, wine and good food. This all in one package will send you humming back home….


Jun 28 2019 - Jul 20 2019
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