Tallinn Christmas Market

Dec 1 - Jan 7 2024       Raekoja plats
Tallinn’s enchanting Christmas Market unfolds in the heart of Town Hall Square. This picturesque scene features charming huts adorned with twinkling lights, nestled amidst the backdrop of medieval architecture. The ambiance is further heightened by a merry-go-round and a majestic Christmas tree, creating a truly magical atmosphere. This is the perfect place to find some authentic Estonian handicrafts and a myriad of other gifts and trinkets to take back home with you. You can also find many traditional Estonian Christmas foods such as roasted pork, blood sausage, farm goods, organic foods and let’s not forget the many varieties of warmth-giving ‘hõõgvein’ (mulled wine).

Rumour has it that in 1441 the world’s Christmas tree tradition also started at the very spot in Town Hall Square where the present tree stands. Originally though, it formed part of a right of passage for the town’s eligible bachelors who would dance around the tree with Tallinn’s fair maidens. Following a centuries-old tradition, the tree is lit ablaze at a special event which takes place after the end of Christmas season. You can read more about Estonian Christmas traditions here.




Dec 1 2023 - Jan 7 2024
Town Hall Square
Raekoja plats

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