Lake Peipus (Peipsi)

Lake Peipus, the fifth largest lake in Europe, straddles the Estonian-Russian border, it begins at its southern end in Põlva County and technically consists of three parts (Lake Pskov at the bottom, Lake Lämmijärv, and Lake Peipus). In summer, you can enjoy some of its quiet sandy beaches and endless roadside food stalls selling locally-caught smoked fish. Mustvee is the largest town on the lake where you will find an Old Believers Church dating back to 1927. The Russian Old Believers are an Orthodox offshoot who were persecuted for refusing to accept liturgical reforms in 1666 and practice their branch of Christianity. They took refuge on the western shores of Lake Peipus and founded many small coastal villages, including Kallaste. Kallaste dates back to 1720. Here you can visit an historic cemetery and the sandy beach with small caves. Other points of interest include Kolkja where there is a green wooden church and Old Believers’ Museum. From August 24 to 25 (2019), the Peipsi Food Street festival (175km long) will feature pop-up restaurants from Vasknarva to Saabolda, offering food, drink and products made from the local Peipsimaa ingredients – including many involving fish and the famous Peipsi Onions. The onions, brought to the Estonian shores of Peipus by the Old Believers hundreds of years ago, are so important to the area that there's an official Onion Road organisation that promotes the Onion Route, local products, and sightseeing activities in the area as well as special events such as the Buffet Day being held on September 14 (2019) in the small town of Alatskivi.

For more information please visit www.visitpeipsi.com or www.sibulatee.ee.

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