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Accepted travel wisdom says you haven’t seen the ‘real’ Estonia until you’ve visited Tartu. As the nation’s second largest city (population roughly 97,000) and its primary university town, it certainly has a lot going for it in terms of sightseeing and entertainment. More than that though, Tartu is widely considered to be the country’s cultural and spiritual capital, with the sizable student population adding a decidedly youthful edge.

Tartu In Your Pocket has all the details you’ll need to explore this centuries-old burg, from sights and cultural events to the hottest new cafés. Be sure to check out our nightlife listings too, just in case you decide to make a little history of your own.

If you’re a smartphone user, you can also navigate your way through town using our handy, free app (see ‘About IYP’, below). Autumn and winter visitors should note that there’s a free PDF version of this guide on our site, www.inyourpocket.com, which we’ll be updating for you again in October 2016.

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