Juwenalia Uczelni Niepublicznych

Friday May 26 15:00       ul. Górczewska 69/73
The age-old tradition of Juwenalia is approaching Warsaw, and restless students of the capital's finest higher-educational institutions are itching to let off some steam before the summer exams come and spoil the fun. Amongst all the happenings - parades, performances, eccentric sporting competitions, and plenty of excessive drinking - there are several live music events happening around Warsaw, of which students are spoilt for choice! One of these concert events is Juwenalia Uczelni Niepublicznych, going down at Modyczło Water Park

Line-up for Juwenalia Uczelni Niepublicznych, 2023

Young Igi
Malik Montana
Willy William

Program for Juwenalia Uczelni Niepublicznych 2023.

Other Juwenalia events happening in Warsaw

It doesn't just stop here! Juwenalia WAWA x US is a massive outdoor event happening at Warsaw-Babice Airport, as well as the 'Varsonalia' Concerts happening in Warsaw!



May 26 2023 15:00
Moczydło Water Park
ul. Górczewska 69/73

Price/Additional Info

Admission 22,50-60zł.


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