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In the coming weeks you’ll no doubt see lots of different faces on the city’s billboards while taking a stroll around town. All of the smiles are a reminder to Zurich’s citizens that they have to elect a new city government (Stadtrat) and city parliament on March 4. The governement is usually firmly in the hands of the so-called left/greens and the majority of the Stadtrat has been occupied by the Social Democrats (SP) and the Green Party (Grüne) since 1990.

In the parliament, however, the situation is quite different. Since 1990 the left/greens have only held the majority twice and in the last elections, four years ago, they ended up just one seat short of the majority. This meant that the conservative bloc (FDP, SVP, CVP) could sometimes prevail in the city parliament when they could coax the green liberals to their side.

This situation with different majorities in parliament and government is probably a good thing and maybe even part of the city’s secret to success. More balanced solutions are often found when the sides are forced to compromise, than when one group has the majority in both bodies. Even Mayor Corine Mauch (SP) seems to think so. She famously said that when both bodies are dominated by the same forces ‘one tends to become cocky.’

But enough politics; read on and discover everything there is to see and experience in this beautiful city!

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