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Let’s say it loud and clear – Zurich is an excellent summer destination! Even if it is located north of the Alps and offers admittedly less stable weather than that found in Southern Europe, it does boast a nearly Mediterranean lifestyle in the hot season.

Let’s begin with the bathing areas at the river and the lake. You can take a swim in the River Limmat at Oberer Letten right next to the main train station. The water is clean and perfectly safe for anyone who wants to take a dip. There are also a couple of pools and lidos, where you have access to the lake as well as proper changing facilities. Many of these river and lake pools turn into lively openair bars later in the evening. That said, you can avoid the crowds and wade in almost anywhere.

In the summer, everyday city life moves outdoors whenever possible. Simple bars pop up all over town and many venues provide spectacular outdoor terraces for balmy evenings. And Zurich’s ice cream vendors can hold their own with Italy’s finest, especially the proper gelaterias that have popped up in recent years. And after a couple of weeks of a summer state of mind, Zurich’s busy inhabitants slow down and smell the roses like their Italian neighbours to the south. That’s when you know that summer has truly arrived in Zurich!

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