Summer in Zurich - better than the Mediterranean!?


Zurich’s citizens usually go south in summer. As soon as they have more than two days off they pack, hop into their cars and head off in only one direction: south. At the very least they have to make it as far as Ticino, the Italian speaking Swiss region below the Alps, but many go much farther to Italy, the Balkans, the South of France, Spain and Portugal, you name it. If you tell someone you’re going north, you’ll no doubt receive a puzzled look in return.

We have to agree that a summer in the south does have its advantages: the Mediterranean, more consistent weather and much cheaper wine, just to name a few. But summer is by far the best time to visit Zurich. Where else can you take a dip in a lake or a river right in the city centre? Dozens of open-air bars and restaurants occupy Zurich’s squares creating a fun atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, which will happen from time to time, the city offers fantastic museums as well as plenty of concerts and interesting events. This summer Zurich will be even more attractive as it will host Manifesta 11, the nomadic European Biennial of Contemporary Art. The floating platform on the lake will be one of its highlights. It will host videos of the artwork every evening and, believe it or not, you’re even invited to take a swim in marvelous Lake Zurich here. Enjoy!

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